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Mykonos Court at the Boca Country Club

small pic temple and kerstin

updated for September 2014

Why boca-mykonos.com lists
only one property at a time,
and why it should be
your property if you want
top dollar as soon as possible.

The dynamics of selling a home have changed dramatically. Marketing is more important than ever. Surprisingly, most real estate agents do not understand marketing in the age of cyberspace. We do.

Boca-Mykonos website for real estateWe know that new techniques and knowledge have eclipsed "old" marketing tactics such as newspaper advertising and putting a listing in the MLS (multiple listing service). Those techniques are not dead, of course (after all, you can still buy buggywhips in the spaceage). But the effectiveness of old-fashioned marketing has been minimized by search engine optimization (seo) and backlinks and meta editing and priority submission techniques.

Targeted e-mail now works more effectively than traditional postcard campaigns, provided the sender knows how to avoid being identified as spam. Open houses have moved from Saturday afternoons to cyberspace, and they're open for viewing 24-7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Temple and Kerstin understand cyberspace. They have been working with it, and in it, for a combined total of over 50 years. 50 years! We have written software for IBM, developed cyberselling systems for some of the world's largest corporations. We are experts at using cyberspace to sell your home.

We sell one listing at a time, and it is placed on its own website to do so. The average website is not even ranked nowadays (ranking depends largely on the number of backlinks a website has in cyberspave. A backlink is a link on another site which, when clicked, leads a websurfer to the site he or she is interested in.

Most websites have dozens of backlinks in cyberspace. Good websites have hundreds of backlinks. Our websites have THOUSANDS OF BACKLINKS -- THOUSANDS!!!

This is accomplished through proprietary software we have developed and refined, painstaking programming, and decades of cyberspace knowledge (remember, we developed hardware and software for IBM's salesforce in the mid-1980s -- and we have been perfecting our craft ever since).

So when you list a property with Temple or Kerstin, you improve your chances of getting top dollar as quickly as possible.

Nobody understands the power of cyberselling better. Nobody.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 3755 Mykonos Court, Boca Raton, FL 33487
E-mail Address: E-mail Kerstin or E-mail Temple
Direct Phone: 561-241-6323
Cell phone: 561-271-8121 (Kerstin) 561-251-6187 (Temple)
Direct Fax #: 561-241-6358

Broker: Templeworks Properties LLC, 3755 Mykonos Ct, Boca Raton, FL 33487

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